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  • Yesterday I went to Ikea to buy things for my new therapeutic practice. Then it occurred to me. There must be something about Ikea shops that resembles the inner architecture of my brain. A big showroom of flashy ideas of questionable quality; being obliged to pass through loads of heavy stuff in order to reach one little item, and a generous hunger-center right in the middle. 

  • Behar Center má novou adresu! :

Velvarská 19, Praha-6 Dejvice 

Metro: Dejvická 

Tramvaj: Tákurova

  • I am often aware of the disconnect between therapeutic experience and daily life. Sometimes things move very fast in therapy, as if life outside stood still; other times life moves fast outside while nothing is happening in therapy. The correct explanation is of course special relativity: The therapy room and the rest of the world are moving in very different speeds relative to one another. As a result, an hour outside therapy lasts ten minutes longer than the standard 50 minutes measured inside therapy office, and, from the reference frame of an outsider, the therapist shrinks

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