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Does Unconscious Really Have an Effect on Physical Illnesses?
Autor:     Datum: 22. 11. 2015
This fascinating article from the Marshall Autoimmunity Foundation is representing one of the hottest debates in psychology these days. Does your mind have indeed a huge impact on your body so as to cause a real medical condition, as it was once thought?
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How to Work Together with Your Attention Deficit - An HBR Article
Autor:     Datum: 13. 11. 2015

One of the places where one least expects to find really cool psychology articles is HBR. But to my view, this is one of the more “psychological” magazines around. This very recent article suggests in a very light and clear writing, that when we struggle with attention deficit, a better way than fighting it directly, could be to follow it. Or - using the words of the author - to notice it. I hope you enjoy as I did.

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Autor:     Datum: 09. 11. 2015

It seems that some basic popular conceptions about differences between "male brain" and "female brain" are...

‎Posted by Behar Psychology Center on‎ יום שני 2 נובמבר 2015
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Nový přispěvek Dr. Behara na Linkedin Pulse, 29. dubna 2015.
Autor: Lior Behar    Datum: 29. 04. 2015

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